An Alphabet Poem-Prayer

is for angels who dance round my bed;
B is for Bethlehem which means "House of Bread."
C is for clouds that fly up above;
D is for Daniel, whom lions couldn't shove.
is for Easter: Jesus rose from the dead;
F is for flowers that cover earth's head.
G is for God, who made us all;
H is for Heaven, my home when God calls.
I is for ice that cools off my tongue;
J is for Jesus, who is God's only Son.
K is for kiss, when two people meet;
L is for love that makes my heart beat.
M is for Mary, Jesus' flesh and blood;
N is for Noah, saved from the flood.
O is for others, the kids that I know;
P is for play in the sun and the snow.
Q is for questions; I want to know more;
R is for roads that I take to the store.
S is for sleep when I don't hear a sound;
T is for tent where I can't be found.
U is for useful, God's gifts I receive;
V is for vegetables, like carrots and peas.
W is for walk, not the same as run;
X marks the spot where something's begun.
Y is for yes, God is good to me;
Z is for zero, that's three minus three.

--Victor Hoagland, C.P.


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