by Lucille Perrotta Castro


3rd Sunday of Easter: Luke 24, 13 -35

Jesus lets His friends know that He is with them, even though they don't recognize him.

Prayer Starter :

Have you ever been blindfolded in a game, or been in a dark room where you could not see? Spend a few moments remembering what it was like for you then, and show this to God.

What was it like for you when you took off your blindfold or put on the lights, when you could see what was right around you? Let God know about this.

Now pretend that Jesus is with you when you are blindfolded or in a dark room. You can't see Him; in fact, you don't even know that He is there with you. Jesus quietly takes off your blindfold or turns on the light, and you see that Jesus was with you all along.

Are you surprised? What do you say to Jesus?

Listen as Jesus tells you that He is always with you, even when you don't know that He is there. Jesus puts His hand out to take your hand. Can you see yourself putting your hand in Jesus' hand? Stay with Jesus with your hand in His.

Sign of the Passion

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