by Lucille Perrotta Castro

1st Sunday of Lent:
Matthew 4:1-11

The devil tried to tempt Jesus to do something wrong, but even though Jesus was tired and hungry, He did what was right.

Scripture comment:

Sometimes it's hard to do what is right and good, isn't it?

Tell God, or show God in your heart, one time when it was hard for you to do what was right and good. Take your time telling or showing this to God.

Then, tell or show God what made this hard for you. (God already knows this, but it can help you if you show this part of your heart to God.)

Ask Jesus to help you to remember that he's always with you; and then, when you are ready, picture Jesus with you in that hard time. Notice what Jesus is doing... is Jesus helping you?

Tell Jesus how you felt knowing that He was there with you.

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