by Lucille Perrotta Castro

2nd Sunday of Lent: Matthew 17:1-9

Jesus' friends were really amazed when they saw surprising events.

Scripture comment:

Have you ever been amazed? You can tell or show God in your heart about a time when you've been amazed. Was something really so wonderful that for a moment it almost "took your breath away"?

Tell or show God the parts that amazed you.

When you're ready, picture Jesus with you in that time or place, enjoying that amazing time. (Give yourself as much time as you need for this.)

Listen as Jesus tells you that He wants to amaze you too.

End your together time with Jesus by telling or showing Jesus how you feel about amazing things now!

Above: detail of a photograph by Ori, Sunrise in Israel, 2004; published under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License

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