by Lucille Perrotta Castro

5th Sunday of Lent: John 11: 3-45

FlowerJesus raises Lazarus from the dead.

Scripture comment:

Do you like seeing flowers begin to bloom? Can you picture a flower growing after a cold winter, pushing through the dark, cold, hard earth and then breaking through the top of the soil and being alive for you to see?

Tell Jesus or show him in your heart how it might feel to be alive, feeling the sun shine on you, after a long, cold winter.

Are there some times when you feel like your heart is in a cold place because of something that is happening in your life? Take time to tell Jesus about one of these times.

Now see Jesus taking you by the hand and helping you in that hard time. Stay with Jesus and let Him know what it is like for you, now that you know He is with you.

Sign of the Passion
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