by Victor Hoagland, C.P.

Holy Week, with its many rites and symbols, is a good time to acquaint children with the great mysteries of Jesus' death and resurrection. Entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday in procession, he rides on a donkey, with children cheering him on. Children are meant to be there.

The gospels about Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead and giving sight to the man born blind, which announce Holy Week, can remind them that Jesus has power to bring life from death and light from darkness.

Palm SundayDuring the Triduum (TRID-oo-um), it's helpful to tell them the story of the passion and resurrection together, so they will see his suffering, but then see him rising in triumph from the dead.

Palm Sunday

Jesus came to Jerusalem,
the week he was to die,
riding on a donkey,
riding strong and high.

Children ran to meet him,
palms in hand they sing:
"Hosanna, Son of David,
"Hosanna to our king."

Illustration: The Entry Into Jerusalem as depicted in the Melisende-Psalter c. 1140

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Sign of the Passion
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