Jesus Loves Me

the Holy FamilyLong ago in Galilee,
Jesus lived
in a family of three:
Mary, Joseph,
and he was their son.
But no one knew that he was the one...

The one
who would go through Galilee,
and touch a blind man
who never could see.
His eyes popped open
and blinked at the light,
and the mockingbird danced
Jesus and the little girl to see such a sight.

And did you know
when a little girl died
that Jesus came right up to her side?
"Get up, get up, little girl,"
he said.
"Get up and eat
some jelly and bread."

Children came
from far and near
to climb on his lap
and whisper in his ear.
children pray"We know who you are,
yes, you're the one;
We know who you are,
You're God's good son."

O Jesus, Jesus,
watch over me,
and take good care
of my family.
You know who they are,
but I'll name them all,
some are big
and some are small.

-- Victor Hoagland, C.P.

Sign of the Passion
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