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The Story of Saint Nicholas

there was a little boy
who lived by the shore of the sea.
He watched the ships go sailing by
all wrapped in mystery.

Watching ships

"What do you carry,
where do you go?"
he said as he saw them there.
I hope you bring many good things
to girls and boys everywhere."

was the little boy's name,
in case you'd like to know.
He loved surprising others with gifts
and seeing their faces glow.

Then he would hide
and no one would know
the one who loved them,
who loved them so.

Once a father
had grown so poor
as to sell his daughters three.

Three nights
to his window Nicholas came
with gold to keep them free.

went to church one day
and all the people stood:
"You have a heart like God's,"
they said,
"A heart that is so good.
Will you be our bishop
And lead us as God would?"

When Nicholas died
God welcomed him
to heaven's great applause:

"Well done, well done,
good Nicholas,
for serving well my cause."

Now every Christmas
Nicholas comes with gifts
for girls and boys.
You know his name as Nicholas,
But it's also Santa Claus.

O Good St. Nicholas, children's friend,
friend of girls and boys,
through the clouds come again,
and fill your bag with toys.

Give me too a giving heart,
for loving others too,
I want to know how good it is
to give good gifts like you.

Victor Hoagland, C.P.



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Text by Victor Hoagland, C.P.
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