by Victor Hoagland, C.P.

Rosary imagesDo you know someone who is good at telling stories? Someone you love to listen to? Maybe it's a teacher in school or your mother or father. We like good storytellers because they tell us things we like to hear.

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is a good storyteller. When Jesus was a child in Nazareth, he must have listened to Mary and liked the stories she told. We can listen to her now, when we pray the Rosary. This is a prayer where we join Mary and with her remember stories about her Son.

When we pray the Rosary, we say certain prayers, like the Our Father and Hail Mary. But we also remember stories that are called "mysteries."

Mysteries are stories about God, and so we never know enough about them. They never get old, because they keep telling us things we never knew before.

The Rosary tells the story of Jesus, in four parts. At this Web site, to begin each part I have written a little bit to help you understand what the stories are about; these pages are called "learn about". On the pages called "pray" you will find a map to each one of the stories for that mystery. There is also a page to help you learn how to pray the Rosary.

On these pages, you will see pictures that were painted many years ago. We do not think that the pictures look just like the people and places the stories tell us about; it is just how different artists imagined people might have looked. You will imagine things in your own way and maybe you will make your own pictures.

The Rosary begins with the Joyful Mysteries, which are happy stories.

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