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Jesus is so tired as he walks along the road with the heavy cross on his shoulders. The cross keeps pushing into his shoulder, and the stones on the road hurt his feet. People yell and push him; the soldiers shout for him to move faster.

Then Jesus falls, and the soldiers yell at him more. How tired Jesus is! Jesus prays in his heart, “God, help me remember that you are here.”

Look at Your Heart

Did you ever fall when you were playing, or when you were helping with something? Falling really hurts, doesn't it? When people make mistakes, it is like falling. And when that happens, their heart sometimes feels like it is hurt.

Can you remember a time when you fell, when your heart felt hurt? As you remember that time, and look at how your heart felt, show your heart to Jesus. See Jesus loving you as you show him your heart. When you are ready, you can ask Jesus to help make your heart more like his.

Commentary by Lucille Perrotta Castro

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