Ninth StationNinth Station: Look at Jesus

Jesus is so tired now that he can hardly take another step. It is hard for him to breathe. He has been walking a long time along the dusty road, and he has no energy left. He just can’t go on anymore.

Then Jesus falls down in the street for the third time. He is so very tired. Jesus asks God to help him. And Jesus gets up again, even though it is hard for him to do.

Look at Your Heart

When we have really tried to do our best, and have not been able to succeed, it is easy to feel like Jesus did. Sometimes other people just keep yelling about something we do, or sometimes other people make fun of the way we do something.

Can you remember a time when you felt this tired in your heart, when you seemed to be having a sad or hard time with someone or something? Look at how your heart felt, and show your heart to Jesus. When you are ready, ask God to help you when you feel this way.

Commentary by Lucille Perrotta Castro

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