Eleventh StationEleventh Station: Look at Jesus

How much Jesus hurts as the soldiers nail him to the cross. He hurts all over; he is tired and thirsty; he knows that he is going to die. But he looks at the people who have hurt him and, instead of saying bad things to those people, Jesus asks God to forgive them.

He looks at his mother and tells her to take care of others. Even when he is dying, Jesus is thinking of other people.

Look at Your Heart

Can you think of a time when someone hurt you with unkind words or actions? Was it hard for you to forgive that person?

Jesus knows that forgiving is hard to do. That's why Jesus will help to change your heart when you ask him to help you to forgive someone. See how your heart looks after you ask Jesus to do this.

Commentary by Lucille Perrotta Castro

Twelfth Station
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