Fourteenth StationFourteenth Station: Look at Jesus

Jesus’ friends wash his body and wrap it in a clean sheet. They touch his body gently, and then they put his body into a tomb. When they are finished, they push a very large stone over the entrance, so that no one can go inside.

Now there is darkness in the tomb where Jesus’ body lies, and all of his friends go home because they are very sad and tired.

Look at Your Heart

Can you remember a time when you were very sad to say “Good-bye” to someone? Maybe you were leaving the person for only a short time, or maybe it was for a long time. Maybe you said “Good-bye” to someone you loved when that person died.

Take a few moments to think about one of those times you were sad saying “Good-bye,” and show Jesus how your heart felt then. Try to picture Jesus loving you, and being with you with your sad heart. Let Jesus love you a lot; Jesus knows how sad your heart is.

Commentary by Lucille Perrotta Castro

Fifteenth Station
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