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Monday Prayers
edited by Fr Victor Hoagland, C.P.

May Jesus bring you to be reborn to a life of love; if you remain faithful, this birth borth spiritual and divine will take place within the interior temple of your spirit not just today but every day.
St. Paul of the Cross

morning Morning

I call upon you, O Lord.
In the morning you hear me;
in the morning I offer you my prayer, watching and waiting. . .Psalm 5

I lift my heart to you, O Lord,
to be strengthened for this day.
Be with me in all I do, my God;
guide me in all my ways.

I will carry some burdens today;
some trials will be mine.
So I wait for your help, Lord,
lest I stumble and fall.

I will do my work, Father,
the work begun by your Son.
He lives in me and I in him;
may his work today be done.

Glory to the Father. . .


Do to no one what you yourself dislike.
Give to the hungry some of your bread,
and to the naked some of your clothing.
Seek counsel from every wise person.
At all times bless the Lord God,
and ask God to make all your paths straight
and to grant success to all your endeavors and plans.
Tobit 4:15a, 16a, 18a, 19


God of all kindness, bless your church,
--make your people faithful to you.
Eternal Shepherd, look kindly on our Holy Father and all bishops,
--grant them wisdom and courage.
Ruler of Nations, look kindly on those who govern;
--guide them in the ways of peace.
Judge of the living and the dead,
be merciful to our deceased brothers and sisters;
--receive them into eternal joy.

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Father in heaven,
I lift my eyes to you and wait for your help.
I am your servant, entrusted with your gifts;
I am yours alone.

I lift my eyes to you who dwell in heaven.
Like a faithful servant, I wish to do your bidding.

As the eyes of a good servant are on the master,
so are our eyes on the Lord, our God, till he bless us. Psalm 12

Glory to the Father. . .


See what love the Father has bestowed on us
in letting us be called children of God!

Yet that is what we are.

Dearly beloved,
we are God's children now;
what we shall later be has not yet come to light.
We know that when it comes to light
we shall be like him as he is. I John 3:1a-2


Lord, remember your church throughout the world,
--that your people may dwell in peace.
Lord, remember those we have met today,
--that they may receive your gifts.
Lord, remember all families,
--that they may live in harmony.
Lord, remember the sick and the dying,
--that they may have your joy.

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Text and prayers by Victor Hoagland, C.P.
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