A Father's Prayer

Father and children Lord,
I need your special care.
Like your earthly father, Joseph,
I want to do God's will,
even if I may not always understand.

Make me gentle and selfless
in the care of my family and children;
help me guide them in the toils and troubles,
the happiness and wonders of this life.

Like my Father in heaven,
make me strong in love and forgiveness
for those you entrust to my care.

No one can do these things rightly, Lord,
without your constant help and boundless mercy.
Be with me always,
and may I come to you in heaven,
and all my family with me.

What is a father's great task?
To bring himself and his family to God.
That task requires self-discipline, wisdom, patience,
strength and understanding.

Small minds and hearts of children are not easy to guide;
adolescent minds and hearts are bewildered and battered at times;
the minds and hearts of young adults are often lost
or too embarrassed to seek guidance.

For them a father is a steady example
of perseverance and good,
a beacon for wondering and wandering minds.

How could a father's task be done
unless he remembered his children were created
by a loving, wise and merciful God
who is with his children - and with him?

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Jesus, crucified

Text provided by Victor Hoagland, C.P.
included in the collection of prayers Following Jesus Christ
Text and Illustration Copyright 1992 - The Passionist Missionaries
Reproduced on the World Wide Web by permission.
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