Lord, look kindly on my child
in God's hands
look kindly on my child,
so marvelously made,
fashioned by you from the womb.

Keep fear and trouble far away,
and any hand raised to harm
this child of mine.
And when life's storms come,
give my child rest,
as on a mother's breast.
In days to come
- which you alone know -
grant my child
eyes of faith for seeing far,
a loving heart for welcoming life,
hope that never despairs,
and a place always at your side.

O God,
I thank you for this precious gift,
and pray my child grows
wise and well.

Spacer"Love children with a special love, for they live to soften and purify our hearts, and, as it were, to guide us," wrote Dostoevsky, the Russian novelist.
SpacerChildren, fresh from God's hand, light a flame in us as we recognize life's wonders through their eyes.
SpacerJesus taught that children can also teach us the way to God. "Let the little children come to me; God's kingdom belongs to such as these."
SpacerLove and encourage your children so that they may become your gift to the world of tomorrow.

"Train your children in the way they should go;
even when they are old, they will not swerve from it."
--Proverbs 22,6


Praying with Children

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Text provided by Victor Hoagland, C.P.
included in the collection of prayers Following Jesus Christ
Text and Illustration Copyright 1993 - The Passionist Missionaries - All rights reserved
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