A Prayer in Sickness

Illustraton - prayer in sickness

O God,
I am in your hands.
You know me from my mother's womb.
O Wise Creator,
soothe my pain; heal my body and soul.

O Good Jesus,
you went doing good and healing many.
Once your hands raised the dead to life:
restore my health to me.
Once your hands gave sight to the blind:
take me from the darkness of my fears.
Once your hands made the paralyzed walk:
let me walk again
with my family and friends.
Once your hands were nailed to the cross:
strengthen me in sickness and pain.

O Holy Spirit,
Giver of Life,
Helper and Friend,
Source of all good gifts,
bring peace and comfort to me.

Accidents, illness, disease, old age often bring suffering we cannot explain. Even Jesus Christ did not explain the mystery of suffering. He tried simply to relieve it where he could. And as his life ended, he took it on himself.

Jesus taught not to give in to sickness, but to fight to regain health. At the same time, he showed what indirect blessings sickness sometimes brings.

What blessings can sickness bring? It can remind us how dependent we are on others and, above all, on God for life! It makes us see how precious life is. It invites us to believe, to call for God's help, to accept God's way, and to grow in confidence that, whatever lies ahead, all will be well.


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Jesus, crucified

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