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"As a missionary, [the aim of Saint Paul of the Cross] was to preach the gospel as the living word of God and to do so in a language that was clear and simple. As a spiritual director and teacher of prayer, he passed on to others what he himself had learned: that when we pray, everything becomes possible. Gifted with imagination and dogged perseverance, an all too rare combination, Paul was able to see possibilities and then go on to actualise them."

Fr Paul Francis Spencer C.P. is Rector of St Mungo's Church in Glasgow. From 1989 until 1996, he served as Rector of St Joseph Parish for English-speaking Catholics in Paris. Ordained in 1980, his work has included postings to India, Belfast, and Rome.

To Heal the Broken-Hearted: the Life of Blessed Charles of Mount Argus is another popular biography by Fr Spencer.

As a Seal Upon Your Heart is an inspiring story filled with beautiful photographs which help readers enter into the story of the life of St Paul of the Cross. 201 pages.

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