To Heal the Broken Hearted

The Life of Blessed Charles of Mount Argus

by Paul Francis Spencer, C.P.

The Sacrament of Healing offers Christians great hope and consolation. In 1988 Pope John Paul II beatified Father Charles of Mount Argus, who may be both a patron for and an example of the Ministry of Healing.

This short, beautifully written biography tells of a man, himself no stranger to suffering, who became a generous and compassionate servant to the sick. The narrative draws heavily on primary sources and reveals clearly the strength on which Blessed Charles relied as his extraordinary ministry developed. It also documents the criticisms and humiliations--some from his own religious community--to which he was subjected.

Any Christian who suffers physical infirmity, or loneliness, or disappointment in one's companions or co-workers will find encouragement in the life of Blessed Charles of Mount Argus. It is the story not of a practically perfect priest, but of a man who allowed himself to be perfected, even in pain, by the love of God as shown to us in the Passion of Jesus.

About the Author

Paul Francis Spencer, C.P. is Rector of St Mungo's Church in Glasgow. He edited Letters of Father Charles (Passionist Publications, 1985), has written a popular biography of St Paul of the Cross, As a Seal Upon Your Heart, and with Martin Coffey C.P. translated In the Heart of God -- The Spiritual Teaching of St Paul of the Cross.



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