Book of Catholic Prayer

by Edmond Bliven

A prayer book with four sections:

From the author's note "To the Reader" :

"This prayer book is for Roman Catholics, but I invite other Christians to make use of it. Over the past several decades, Christians of all denominations have become increasingly open not only to the Scriptures but also to the almost 2,000-year prayer tradition of the Church. For Western Christians, Protestant as well as Catholic, that tradition has been centered in Rome since Apostolic times.

"[And] there is a desire of Christians of the West to know more about the prayer life of their Eastern Christian brothers and sisters. The reader will find prayers from Easter liturgies in this prayer book. The section on meditative prayer also draws on the wisdom of the Eastern Churches.

"If the Book of Catholic Prayer helps more people to 'taste and see that the Lord is good" (Psalm 34:8) it will have been worth all the effort. Together with a good edition of the Bible, it will offer an introduction to the Church's rich tradition of prayer."

After November 1, 1996, to order this book, send US $12.95 by check or money order to:

Fr Edmond Bliven
P. O. Box 9219
Portland, OR 97207

Until October 31, 1996, ask your bookseller about ISBN 0-915531-02-X.

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