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Behave Yourself

Miss Manners' Guide for the Turn-of-the-Millennium by Judith Martin. Actually, the graphic above is misleading. Miss Manners is nothing if not kindly, but firm in her approach to advice on conduct in all manner of situations. She'll help you ease through everything from baby showers to, well, you know. Miss Manners Rescues Civilization from Sexual Harassment, Frivolous Lawsuits, Dissing and Other Lapses in Civility is her latest effort, and the Faithful Reader wishes her success. Hear Miss Manners on civility.

If you're wondering how to comport yourself in cyberspace, look no further than , Virginia Shea's core rules from her "industry standard" book on Internet behavior.

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Construct Your Own Web Page

HTML for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide by Elizabeth Castro. A good book, easy to use and less expensive than many other introductions to HTML and Web page design. Complete overview of the book, courtesy of Peachpit Press


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The Way to Cook by Julia Child. This is the book that will tell you how to do it all in the kitchen. Photographs, instructions, and all kinds of specific information useful to fledglings and aficionados, alike. This book was first published in paperback in the USA when the Faithful Reader was living in Paris, and she still blesses the kind friend who gave up a day's change of clothing in her luggage in order to bring the book during a visit. The Faithful Reader and her generous visitor benefitted immediately.

Information about Low-Fat Cooking.

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Fix Up Your Home

Speed Cleaning by Jeff Campbell and the Clean Team. The idea is that lots of people don't like house cleaning, but it has to be done. Eventually. Campbell and company offer sensible suggestions and ideas you never thought of to help you get your home clean without spending all weekend on it. True and unsolicited testimonial: the Faithful Reader's family is able to clean their 2200 square foot home in about 45 minutes. Visit The Clean Team or in the USA call them at 800-757-2532.

Home Improvement 1-2-3: Expert Advice from the Home Depot published by Meredith Book Group. For Do It Yourself enthusiasts in the USA, this may be one of the best all-purpose books available. Along with the expected illustrations and step-by-step instructions, for each project there's a list of tools and materials needed, a description of specific skills DIY-ers need for the task, and an estimate of how long the project will take, based on the various skill levels. Also helpful is the opportunity to learn from common mistakes in sidebars titled 'Homer's Hindsight'. Obviously the Faithful Reader would rather curl up with a book than a crowbar, but she long ago learned that even novice DIY-ers have more money to spend on other things... like books. Visit Home Depot.

The Furniture Painting Kit by Belinda Ballantine and Painted Furniture Patterns by Jocasta Innes and Stewart Walton. Between these two books, there are dozens of ideas for rehabilitating old pieces and personalizing inexpensive unfinished furniture. Great results from processes that can be surprisingly easy and fun.

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The Fearless Flyer: How to Fly in Comfort and Without Trepidation by Cherry Hartman and Julie Sheldon Huffaker. This book describes options--everything from special meal possibilities to choices for dealing with jet lag--and includes lots of suggestions for flying with children. Even frequent flyers will pick up a tip or two. Here's the Faithful Reader's best tip for flying in the USA: try Southwest Airlines. Really! They're not only good'n'cheap but cheap and good .

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Book of Catholic Prayer by Edmond Bliven. Forgotten the words you learned as a child? Or maybe you never learned the words at all, and are curious about Christian prayer. This book will teach you much of what you need to know about prayer. More.

Also take a look at School for Prayer by Metropolitan Anthony. It's short and to the point. For immediate help, see Lord, Teach Us How to Pray, a great Web site.

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Rear Children

Your One Year Old, Your Two Year Old, Your Three Year Old, and so forth until Your Ten to Fourteen Year Old by Louise Bates Ames and others associated with the Gesell Institute. This is a wonderfully helpful and reassuring series of books. The approach is developmental and the attitude of the writers is cheerful and encouraging. Dr. Ames clearly loves children and their families, and a wealth of information is shared in these books.

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