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  • Biography
    bios, autobios, memoirs
  • Christianity
    spirituality, prayer, lives of saints
  • Gardening
    reference books; some specialty topics
  • How-to...
    do almost anything
  • Good Cooking
    good tasting and good for you
  • Mysteries
    series writers, one-offs, special genres
  • Potboilers for Planes
    help time fly while you fly
  • Travel
    good guides and some comments
  • Favorites
    best of the rest

  • Other sites about books

    Finding electronic texts on the 'Net

    • On-line Books Page at the University of Pennsylvania should cure any lingering doubts about whether electronic publishing has exploded on the Internet. Browse wide, browse deep, and marvel at how up-to-date this site is kept.
    • Project Bartleby at Columbia University -- another resource for on-line texts, with nifty word-for-the-day and quotation features. Inviting interface for browsing Harvard Classics, the World Fact Book, various compendiums of quotations -- and more
    Other useful sites
    • For cool searching, go to Dogpile, which turns on a number of search engines at once. Powerful results! If you want to try just one search engine, point your browser to Google, because it may be the most current encyclopedia of the chaos known as the Web. It also has some category indices, similar to Yahoo.
    • LibWeb lists over 6100 library Web pages from more than 100 countries.

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    Updated on 7 November 2001