Low-Fat and Fat-Free Cooking

The Faithful Reader has received the wake-up call about calories, cholesterol, and other enemies of middle-aged health and well-being. These are some sources that have helped her eat wonderful food while she's taking better care of herself.

Brand Name Fat-Fighter's Cookbook, Secrets of Fat-Free Cooking, Fat-Free Holiday Cooking, and Secrets of Fat-Free Baking by Sandra Woodruff provide plenty of information for people who are making diet changes. It doesn't hurt that the recipes are fairly easy to follow and good.

Jane Brody's Good Seafood Book with Richard Flaste. Ms Brody makes a good case for omitting nutrition information that is the stock-in-trade of so many other cookbooks, so consider yourself warned if such numbers matter a great deal to you. These recipes are healthy, delicious, and, for the first time in the Faithful Reader's rather long and mostly unillustrious culinary career, she knows what to do with all kinds of fish. Patricia's Pretty Good Shrimp was adapted from this book.

C'Mon America, Let's Eat by Susan Powter. The irrepressible Ms Powter is now set to become an American citizen, and she celebrates the low-fat, easy cooking possibilities available to people who want to eat healthfully without fussing.

In the Kitchen With Rosie by Rosie Daley. Don't bother with this book unless you like to cook. The ingredient lists can be daunting and the methods require more skill than many recipes in other cookbooks. But the results are wonderful.

Live! Don't DIEt by Vicki Parker. Mrs Parker's premise is that too many over-fat folks are spooked by diets, a word she says 'starts with die and has a cross at the end'. Her recipes healthfully re-make many staples of American kitchens and are easy on the cook. Calico Beans comes from this book.

Take a look at MasterCook, a terrific way to organize your cooking. The Faithful Reader uses this software and recommends it, even with its bugs and hitches.

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