Sisters of the Cross and Passion

Our charism and vision

The Sisters of the Cross and Passion are a branch of the larger Passionist family founded by St Paul of the Cross in the eighteenth century.

Identification with Christ in the mystery of His passion, death and resurrection is at the heart of our vocation. The experience of the passion in our own lives enables us to express the compassion of Christ towards others.

We wear a heart-shaped sign (shown above) imprinted with the words "The Passion of Jesus Christ". The Cross of Jesus surmounts the sign; nails of the Crucifixion underscore the words. The sign keeps in our memory the great and constant life-giving love God has poured out for all of us.

This sign was first worn by the Blessed Virgin Mary as she appeared to St Paul of the Cross, founder of the Passionist Congregation.

passion flowerAs prophets of the Paschal Mystery (life, death, and resurrection of Jesus), we live in community to give witness to the reconciling, forgiving and compassionate love of God. This love, proclaimed in ways the world can see and understand, shares in Christ's mission to redeem the world. Living in union with God in prayer, our community life also gives witness to the unifying and healing presence of Jesus.


Sign of the Passion

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