Sisters of the Cross and Passion

Our work today

passion flowerThe Sisters of the Cross and Passion have, since our founding, worked in education, the retreat apostolate and pastoral care. Today you will find us in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Sweden, Botswana, Bosnia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea, the United States and other countries.

Our members teach, direct retreats, preach and otherwise participate in missions, provide medical care and social services, work as hospital chaplains and as missionaries, and much more.

Sr Miriam and friends in Romania
In Romania, Sister Miriam and friends bring food to street children who live in sewers
Sr Breda, Ireland
Sr Breda Ahearn (lower right) on holiday with handicapped children and their helpers from her "Rainbow Club" in Dublin
Sr Dr Martin Joseph, Papua
Sister Dr Martin Joseph with
a patient in Papua, New Guinea
Sr Angela in Botswana
Sister Angela with some Passionist Novices and students in Botswana

Sign of the Passion

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