"On a day like any other, Paul Francis Danei, known to us as St Paul of the Cross, went to church to listen to a sermon. The church was probably in an Italian town called Campo Ligure. What he heard was a discorso familiare, not an elaborate sermon but a little talk in a direct and simple style. As he sat listening to the priest, Paul was filled with awareness of the greatness and majesty of his Creator and of his own unworthiness of the infinite love of God."

As a Seal Upon Your Heart,
by Paul Francis Spencer, C.P.

Paul Danei

Paul Francis Danei
on retreat - November, 1720

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The Virtual Retreat House

Great surprises come sometimes when one stops at a place set apart. From time to time, Jesus withdrew to a quiet place to nourish his spirit. And countless others, like Paul Francis Danei, by pausing and opening their hearts, found themselves touched by God's waiting grace.

Can there be a place like this on the Internet? A place of grace where your spirit is nourished and you can reach out to your God? Perhaps it may be here.

Come aside and rest awhile. Listen to a few simple words. Pray. Be refreshed. Consider the mysteries of God and your own mysterious life.

You may wish to start by thinking about how a virtual retreat might fit into your life now by looking at What is a Retreat?

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