Beside still water...
Real Prayer, Virtual Retreat: Some Exercises

Here are seven simple reflections on prayer:
  1. Some thoughts about the gift of prayer itself.
  2. The Spirit of God is the teacher of prayer. What does the Spirit teach us?
  3. Jesus is a model of prayer; his disciples learned from him, and so can we.
  4. The Lord's Prayer, or "Our Father," is the great Christian prayer. How can we pray it well?
  5. The "Hail Mary" and the Rosary are beautiful Christian prayers than can help us pray.
  6. Simple gestures, like the Sign of the Cross, are acts of prayer
  7. Pray Always: ways to start and end each day with prayer

Fr Victor Hoagland, CPYou may want to look at a reflection or two each day, or it might be comfortable to proceed at a slower pace. Pray Always includes suggestions for daily prayer. Why not pray some short morning and evening prayers each day for the week? Pray them slowly, giving your heart to them. By getting into the habit of praying every day, your life will be enriched. Before you go to the prayers themselves, may I also suggest that you read the short Introductions to Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer.

Remember, God wants to hear your voice. These are some suggestions, some ideas, some encouragement. But the Holy Spirit will lead you. The Holy Spirit helps each of us in the life-long conversation with God that we call prayer.

Signature: Fr Victor Hoagland, CP

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