Beside still water...
Real Prayer: a Short Virtual Retreat

You have a treasure. It's the gift of prayer. A gift worth knowing and, above all, worth using well. In this brief retreat, we reflect on this precious gift. And I invite you to put some time aside in the next few days to pray.

Prayer is "a conversation with God." Like conversation, prayer takes different forms. It may be impossible to describe all the ways people pray. A wise monk, St. Isaac, once said:

"There are as many kinds of prayer
as there are different states of soul,
as many kinds of prayer as there are souls."

Fr Victor Hoagland, CPWe pray as we speak - with our own voice. Our unique personalities, our different gifts and experiences, give our prayer its own particular intonation. Even though we may use the same words, we each pray with our own voice. God wants to hear your voice.

The reflections which are part of this retreat may help you find your own voice for conversing with God, who listens to you with infinite love. Or perhaps these thoughts will re-visit what you have already learned. May God bless you as you explore this little retreat.

signature: Fr Victor Hoagland, CP


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