retreat in time of sorrow

Reflection and Some Questions

You may want to print out this meditation for journaling or meditating later on. In any case, turn away from your computer for a few minutes. Just talk to the Lord who shows you that he understands pain and can comfort you.

forget me notNow, let your heart be quiet and listen to the gentle voice of our God. You have reflected on the topic. Stay there with the Lord.

1. Think back on a recent loss in your life. What was your reaction? Did you weep, or did you try to keep up a "brave front?"

2. Think back on a loss you experienced some time ago? Was your reaction different?

3. How do you feel about shedding tears now?

4. Would you encourage friends to express their sorrow in tears?

When you feel the time is right, the following prayer can end this meditation.

Concluding Prayer

Dear Jesus,
thank you for showing me how to handle the sorrow
that drowns my heart.
I have tried to figure it out.
I have been angry with you.
Why weren't you with me as you were with Lazarus?
Yet, as I sink in my sorrow
I can only think of you on the Cross.
How you suffered.
And, how Mary, your mother, must have ached
at your Passion and death.
How I ache!
Give me the grace to see
that you are a loving God
and that all this works together unto good.
Lord, I love you;
I believe you love me.

Recommended Reading




  • Matthew:11:28
  • Luke 19:41
  • Isaiah 43: 1-7
  • Job 16:16ff
  • Psalms: 22, 42, 44,62, 88, 91
  • Therese A. Rando,
    Grief, Dying, and Death
  • Joyce Rupp,
    Praying our Goodbyes
  • Mitsch & Brookside, Grieving the Loss of Someone You Love
  • Henri Nouwen, In Memoriam

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