retreat in time of sorrow
Dear Friend,

Father ColWelcome to this retreat. It's a time to bring your sorrow to the Lord as you reflect quietly within yourself.

The retreat is made up of several interconnected meditations; you can reflect on one each day. In prayerful quiet, God who loves you unconditionally will speak to your heart. Gradually you will feel comfort in God's presence.

Suffering is a great mystery. How do we cope with it when our hearts are broken? Can it be explained? All over this earth there is suffering: violence, war, serious illnesses, broken relationships, people dying prematurely, and loss of employment and safe housing. Name the continent and sorrow shadows it. Our very home, the Earth, is not spared.

As you face this mystery yourself you may ask: Why does God allow it? Couldn't God stop it? Isn't our God a love of love? During these next few days, bring your questions to the One who can help.

Share your particular sorrow with your God, and pray for your sisters and brothers who make this journey with you, but who live somewhere else.

May God's Holy Spirit fill you with peace!

Fraternally yours
in the Passion of Jesus,

Father Col, C.P.

Day One: "Jesus wept"


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