The Trinity: a community of love

Meditation, continued

As often as I ponder this Mystery, O God, I find it so far beyond my understanding. To think that you have entered into a profound relationship with us. You are not just a theological mystery far, far away. We are united to you as branches to the vine.(John.15:1) You have shared your life with us: "anyone who loves me will be true to my work and my Father will love him; we will come and make our dwelling place with him" (John 14;32)

In the bold words of Basil the Great: "Through the Spirit we acquire a likeness to God: indeed, we attain what is beyond our most sublime aspirations--we become God" (Liturgy of the Hours, Tuesday in the 7th week of Easter).

O loving God, draw me yet closer into that incredible circle of Love.

Earth and moonLord our God
The whole world tells
The greatness of your name
Your Glory reaches
Beyond the stars

Even the babble of infants
declares your strength
your power to halt
the enemy and avenger

I see your handiwork
in the heavens:
the moon and the stars
you set in place

What is humankind
that your remember them,
the human race
that you care for them?

You treat them like gods,
dressing them in glory and splendor.
You give them charge of the earth,
laying all at their feet:

cattle and sheep,
wild beasts
birds of the sky,
fish of the sea,
every swimming creature.

Lord our God,
the whole world tells the greatness of your name.
--Psalm 8

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