Protestant Hymns of the Passion

According to Thy Gracious Word

According to thy gracious word,
in meek humility,
this will I do, my dying Lord,
I will remember thee.

Thy body, broken for my sake,
my bread from heaven shall be;
thy testamental cup I take,
and thus remember thee.

Gethsemane can I forget?
Or there thy conflict see,
thine agony and bloody sweat,
and not remember thee?

When to the cross I turn mine eyes
and rest on Calvary;
O Lamb of God, my sacrifice,
I must remember thee.

Remember thee, and all thy pains,
and all thy love to me;
yea, while I have a breath, a pulse remains,
will I remember thee.

And when these failing lips grow dumb,
and mind and memory flee,
when thou shalt in thy kingdom come,
Jesus, remember me.

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words: James Montgomery, 1825 (1771-1854)
melody: Martyrdom, by Hugh Wilson (1766-1824), score (.pdf), guitar chords
or Bangor by William Tan'sur (1700-1783), score (.pdf)

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