Protestant Hymns of the Passion

Dark Was the Night

Dark was the night, and cold the ground
On which the Lord was laid;
His sweat like drops of blood ran down;
In agony he prayed.

"Father, remove this bitter cup,
If such Thy sacred will;
If not, content to drink it up
Thy pleasure I fulfill."

Go to the garden, sinner, see
Those precious drops that flow;
The heavy load He bore for thee;
For thee he lies so low.

Then learn of Him the cross to bear;
Thy Father's will obey;
And when temptations press thee near,
Awake to watch and pray.

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words and Richmond melody: Thomas Haweis - scroll down, patience is rewarded... (1734-1820)
Richmond, score (.pdf), tenor lead arrangement - Martin Shaw, 1915
Martyrdom, by Hugh Wilson (1766-1824), score (.pdf), guitar chords
Harry Lewman 12-string guitar cover

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